Mother Watches As Son Shoots Father, Self — (ABC12 KSAT)

SSRI Ed note: Gifted student, 15, great life, takes antidepressants, quits, attempts murder-suicide shooting father and self. Father survives. Everyone baffled.

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UPDATED: 10:44 am CDT May 12, 2005

OMAHA, Neb. — A mother watched as her son took his own life Tuesday morning in Omaha.

Police said Charles Gray III shot his father just after midnight, then turned the gun on himself. The teenager died and his father is expected to survive his injuries.

The father, Charles Gray Jr., and his ex-wife, Laura, had spent hours looking for the 15-year-old they called C.J. after he ran away Monday. C.J. was found near 30th and Titus streets just before 1 a.m. As Gray approached C.J., police said, C.J. opened fire.

“He was my baby,” said Laura Moffett. “He was my oldest son. It’s a nightmare to me. Any mother, to see her own son put a gun to his temple.”

The family said C.J. ran away from home to be with his girlfriend. The teen’s aunt said he had been on anti-depressants, but that he was no longer taking them.

C.J.’s stepfather is at a loss to explain what happened.

“This is something that was totally out of his character,” said Robbie Moffett. “He was a good student all the way through in school, he was in gifted classes. Very intelligent, good with computers.”

C.J. recently started attending Creighton Prep High School. Assistant principal Michael Gomez said everyone had a nickname for the teen because he was so tall. I would joke around and call him the gentle giant. Always warm, he always had a great smile, warm smile that certainly lit up my office,” Gomez said.

Charles Gray Jr. is listed in fair condition at a local hospital.

All US Bank locations in Omaha are taking funeral expense donations under the name of Charles Gray.