Ex-husband accused of stabbing woman — (Juneau Empire)

SSRI Ed note: Man taking Zoloft and Prozac stabs ex-wife in neck with butcher knife, son rescues her, man then attempts suicide by overdose.

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Northwest Digest | Juneau Empire

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

ANCHORAGE – A man was taken into custody after attacking his ex-wife with a butcher knife, prosecutors said.

Donald Horton Sr., 43, allegedly attacked Bridgette Horton, 43, Saturday in the driveway of her home in East Anchorage.

Bridgette Horton underwent surgery at a local hospital and is recovering, the district attorney’s office said.

The couple has adult children and a long history of problems, Bridgette Horton told police after the stabbing. She said her husband told her in the past that he would kill her, court documents said.

They divorced in February.

Saturday afternoon, Bridgette Horton was getting into her car when Donald Horton approached her, the charging documents said. Two of the couple’s adult children were at the house.

Bridgette Horton tried to open the car door to get away, but Donald Horton blocked her, accused her of being with another man, then told her, “You brought this on yourself,” according to the documents.

Bridgette Horton told police her ex-husband stabbed her in the neck with a butcher knife and twisted it, then tried to stab her again. The couple’s 26-year-old son ran outside and threw a bicycle at his father, breaking up the assault.

Donald Horton picked up the bicycle and rode it away. Police found him in nearby woods. Horton told them he had tried to overdose on a mixture of drugs including the anti-seizure drug Gabapentin and anti-depression drugs Zoloft and Prozac.

Horton was in custody Monday and was undergoing medical treatment for the overdose of pills, according to the district attorney’s office.