Family’s moving tribute to Upton St Leonards mum whose ‘cry for help’ went tragically wrong — (The Gloucester Citizen)

SSRI Ed note: Woman takes antidepressant overdose to get husbands attention, goes to hospital, dies.

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The Gloucester Citizen

By The Citizen

Posted: May 10, 2012

Digsby – DEVASTATED family members said “the sun has gone in” after the tragic death of an Upton St Leonards mother- of-four.

Karine Lock, 52, was described as “high spirited, with a wicked sense of humour” at an inquest into her death last week.

She died after taking an overdose of anti-depressants to bring her unfaithful husband “to his senses”, the Gloucester inquest heard.

But the overdose was too strong and it killed her, deputy Gloucestershire coroner David Dooley was told.

After the hearing, Mrs Lock’s family released a statement which said: “She was high spirited and had a wicked sense of humour.

“It’s as though the sun has gone in and we will miss everything about her every day.

“Our memories are truly fond and when any of us is feeling low they will lift our spirits.

“Hopefully, she can now rest in peace.”

Mrs Lock 52, of Ash Grove, Upton St Leonards, died on December 1 last year after she was rushed to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Her mother, sisters and one of her four children were at the hearing at Gloucester Coroners Court.

Her sister, Josie Hawkins, told the coroner the reason she had taken the overdose was because her husband Raymond was having an affair with a work colleague.

“She was also worried about a High Court case which meant they were about to lose their house,” she said.

“There were outstanding mortgage payments and they were going to be evicted.

“Her husband has since got engaged to the woman in question.”

In a statement, her husband said that, after a late shift finishing at 2am, he woke at 8.30am on December 1. His wife came downstairs and they talked, but she “seemed strange”.

“She then went and got dressed and when she came down again she told me she had taken some pills,” he said.

“She said ‘Take me to hospital or I will go upstairs and die’.”

Mrs Lock was rushed to hospital and when Mr Lock got there he was told the outlook was poor.

“In my opinion this was a cry for help that went wrong,” he added.

In a text message to her daughter Rachel after she had told her husband she had taken the tablets, Mrs Lock said: “So sorry. I love you.”

Her mother Veronica Yemm had earlier received a call from her in which she said she felt like taking an overdose to bring her husband to his senses.

Deputy coroner Dooley said, to record a verdict of suicide he had to be sure of her intention to take her own life, which he could not be. He recorded a verdict of non-independent abuse of drugs.