Famous Actor Mel Gibson Said to Be Using Antidepressants: Radical Change in Personality

Paragraph 15 reads:  "It’s obvious Gibson has anger issues or rage disorder or something. I’m sure the alcohol and anti-depressants it’s been said he has been taking haven’t helped."

SSRI Stories Note:  The Physicians Desk Reference states that antidepressants can cause a craving for alcohol and can cause alcohol abuse. Also, the liver cannot metabolize the antidepressant and the alcohol simultaneously, thus leading to higher levels of both alcohol and the antidepressant in the human body. Also, antidepressants, especially the SSRI antidepressants like Pozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Lexapro, Celexa & Cymbalta, can cause a radical change in personality.


The space-time continuum has unraveled.

What else could it be?

How else could Mel Gibson, once given the much-coveted Sexiest Man Alive title by People Magazine ­ the first to receive it in 1985 ­ fall so far so fast?

Gibson had it all, didn’t he?

The dashing good looks, the Australian accent, the directing chops.

I mean, “Braveheart” still inspires me enough to make me want to attack something ­ anything ­ and suddenly yell, “FREEDOM!!!!”

And he was one of the few Hollywood types who had what seemed to be a successful marriage. His marriage to Robyn Gibson lasted for 28 years before, surprise, everything started to crumble.

Women liked that Gibson seemed to be devoted to his wife, his marriage and the seven children they had together.

And people seemed to like that he had a spiritual side. A steadfast Catholic who even built his own traditional Catholic church in L.A., he didn’t even let his children watch many of his films because of the violence in them.

And his “Passion of the Christ” showed the more spiritually dedicated side of the man whom we knew before then mostly as the good-looking action hero. With “Passion of the Christ” and then “Apocalypto,” he showed great depth that went beyond his early work.

But with those films came stories about Gibson’s own father, a traditional Catholic with some extreme beliefs who has been followed by controversy himself. His father questioned if there was even a Holocaust.

And from all that, from adoring fans and Academy Awards ­ five for “Braveheart,” including for Best Picture and Best Director in 1996 ­ it has come to this, an ugly split from his girlfriend and even uglier rants caught on tape that are his undoing.

The tapes were leaked to RadarOnline ­ we’re at No. 6, I think? They capture Gibson in yet another crazy, enraged rant (what’s all that heavy breathing about?). The first rant was in 2006, when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and harangued the arresting officers with anti-Semitic remarks.

It’s obvious girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva does not bring out the best in Mel Gibson ­ and she doesn’t seem so angelic in this whole debacle, either. A relationship split and a custody battle will do that.

It’s obvious Gibson has anger issues or rage disorder or something. I’m sure the alcohol and anti-depressants it’s been said he has been taking haven’t helped.

They’re probably more to blame than the space-time continuum.

It’s also obvious that magical thing called “celebrity” will not be able to save Gibson this time around. The public only has so much forgiveness to dole out, and he has used his up.

While he may be able to command some kind of audience in a film release in the future, after all the controversy has died down and time has passed, I don’t think his public image will survive enough to fully salvage his career. He may need to do behind-the-scenes film work. I don’t know if film fans will accept him in front of the camera anymore.

Saying awful things about Jews, blacks and pretty much every other race will do that.

Not that Gibson has been the first celebrity to fall because of leaked tapes.

Remember Alec Baldwin and the awful things he said to his young daughter over the phone during his divorce? And then there was Christian Bale, caught deriding a co-worker during the filming of “Terminator Salvation”?

It just goes to show there’s nothing magical about celebrities. They, too, can say some pretty ugly things; they, too, can live in dark places ­ even if they were, at one time, the Sexiest Man Alive.

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