Jesse James Takes the Stand in Custody Hearing — (411 Mania)

SSRI Ed note: Woman in custody battle with Sandra Bullock's ex accused of addiction to antidepressants, problem behaviour.

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411 Mania

Posted by Chris Lansdell


He paints an unpleasant picture of ex Janine Lindemulder…

Jesse James took the stand today in the custody battle between him and ex-wife Janine Lindemulder, and he was anything but flattering.

James laid out a series of things that make Lindemulder an unfit mother. He said that she admitted to him that she was addicted to strong anti-depressants that sent her out of control. He also says that she asked her other ex Jeremy Aikman to get more anti-depressants for her. It should be noted that Janine has been clean in each of her four court-ordered tests. James also denied claims that he and Aikman were working together to frame Janine.

Under cross-examination James said that Sandra Bullock looked after Sunny while he was in rehab last March, and admitted that he had prevented Sunny from seeing her mother on scheduled appointments because he thought they had to be supervised. Janine’s lawyer produced docs that clearly said the visits could be private.

On the other hand, Janine got on the phone with the press as soon as she got out of court, saying:

“This guy (James) won’t stop until he drives me into the ground. I went to an Orange County police station to voice my concerns because I believe he wants to try and spoil my food or spike my drinks so that I have a dirty drug test. I’ve been told he might use a mutual female friend to try and trick me – this guy will stop at nothing to get his way.”