Last Dress Designed By Alexander McQueen Before Committing Suicide — (AllVoices)

SSRI Ed note: Designer overdoses on antidepressants and sleeping tablets then hangs himself 9 days after his mother, who taught him to sew, dies. They were very close.

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London : United Kingdom | Aug 18, 2010
By sylar87

The last dress designed by the fashion talent, Alexander McQueen is believed to be the gown he designed for his friend and muse, Annabelle Neilson.

The accomplished British designer, Alexander McQueen’s legacy lived through his recent dress exhibition that included the last ready-to-wear sixteen dresses designed by him. Among these was also the bias-cut silk silver gown that was the last dress ever designed by McQueen for Annabelle Neilson, who wore it to Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara ball in June.

McQueen was well-known for his unconventional designs. On 11th February, Alexander McQueen committed suicide in his Green Street, London, apartment when he hanged himself in his wardrobe.

It was only after nine days of the death of McQueen’s mother, who died of cancer at an age of 75, that he committed suicide. Later, it was found that prior to hanging himself, McQueen took an overdose of anti-depressants.


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Excerpt from “Stitch Bitch” Alexander McQueen

by David James Smith

In the shower tray of the second bedroom’s en-suite shower room, Garcia saw more blood and a chopping board with a meat cleaver and a large kitchen knife and a knife sharpener. There was a dressing-gown cord hanging from the shower head, which had buckled, apparently under the weight of a body. McQueen had removed the clothes from the tall wardrobe in the spare bedroom before hanging himself from the rail with his favourite brown leather belt. Both of his wrists had been cut, but only one of those wounds was deep. He had a “significant” quantity of cocaine in his body, along with the zopiclone and a powerful anaesthetic/tranquilliser, midazolam.

He must have tried overdosing first, then cut his wrists, before finally hanging himself. There was an art catalogue on the bed from an exhibition, The Descent of Man, by the modern British artist Wolfe von Lenkiewicz. The police later realised that McQueen had scrawled a suicide note on the back of the book. The full contents of the note have not been disclosed, but it ended with a goodbye: “Please look after my dogs. Sorry, I love you, Lee. PS Bury me at the church.”