Gail Porter steps out, four months after being sectioned — (OK!)

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Thursday 25 Aug 2011

Gail Porter attends Batman Live with daughter Honey

GAIL Porter looked well on the way to recovery at last night’s Batman Live gala evening.

The television presenter – who was admitted to a psychiatric ward after feeling suicidal four months ago – attended the performance at London’s O2 Arena with daughter, Honey.

Despite worries for her health, Gail Porter, 40, stepped out for the celeb-filled bash, donning a black frock over leggings, with blinging accessories including a skull-shaped ring.

The Scottish star has been very open about her depression and told this week’s new! magazine that she’s worked out a way to help treat her bipolar disorder.

Gail says that she now knows she must do some form of exercise each day, to make her feel better and avoid taking antidepressants again.


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Gail Porter checks into rehab ‘following suicide attempt’ for the sake of her daughter

By Daily Mail Reporter

UPDATED:  13:29 GMT, 21 May 2011

TV presenter Gail Porter, who is recovering from an apparent suicide attempt,  checked into rehab yesterday for the sake of her daughter.

Her boyfriend, Jonny Davies, took the Scottish mother-of-one to a private clinic, understood to be in London.

She told her friends she wanted to be healthy again – and has vowed to beat depression – for her eight-year-old child, Honey, according to The Sun.

Earlier this week, Gail was reportedly detained under the Mental Health Act and taken to hospital after she was found in her bathroom with cuts to her arms and chest.

The TV star’s latest troubles come only a few weeks after she was  reported to have made a suicide threat following an argument with Jonny.

Following the alleged incident at her North London home on Wednesday night, the presenter, 40, was hospitalised before being discharged yesterday.

Porter was seen returning to her home in Belsize Park with Davies, 25, and told The Sun: ‘I’m fine, thank you very much.’

A Met police spokesman said: ‘Police were called to an  address in Belsize Park at approximately 21.00 hours on Wednesday  following concerns for the welfare of a resident.

‘A woman was detained under the Mental Health Act and taken to a medical facility.’

While Porter recovers from her ordeal, her eight-year-old daughter is staying with her father Dan Hipgrave, guitarist with Toploader.

Porter has spoken openly about her mental issues, which have affected her throughout her adult life.

Following the birth of her daughter  in 2003, Porter was diagnosed with post-natal depression.

As well as this she was also diagnosed as being bi-polar in 2005.

That same year 2005 she had to have stomach pumped after overdosing on pills following the breakdown of her marriage to Hipgrave.

At the time, she insisted it was a ‘cry for help’, not a genuine suicide attempt.

She blamed taking herself off Prozac too quickly saying: ‘I didn’t want to  die,’ she said, ‘it was just a real cry for help, I felt so alone.’

She has also admitted to self-harming when she’s feeling stressed, saying: ‘I really needed to hurt myself. It was a  sort of punishment.’

Gail also said: ‘When I felt overwhelmed, confused, more messed-up than usual, in my  lowest moods I’d reach for the blade again. And again I’d have that  strange reaction of relief and pain, always with a kind of self-loathing that seems to feed on itself.’

In her book Laid Bare: My Story Of Love, Fame And Survival she describes one particularly gruesome incident where she hacked at her arm with a miniature saw.

She had been on holiday to the Maldives in 2005 with ex-boyfriend James Lloyd so she could recuperate from her first suicide attempt.

At the end of the trip, Porter, dreading her looming divorce from Dan Hipgrave, took the saw and hacked through her arm.