Father Kills his 17 Year Old Son

The ninth paragraph reads: "Lawrence said his grandmother believes that Charles suffers from depression and said he started taking medication after he moved to the United States"


Singapore family seeks truth in County slaying

Charles Loo is charged with killing his 17-year-old son on Montara State Beach

By Malaika Fraley, STAFF WRITER

REDWOOD CITY — Lawrence and Marcus Loo always wanted to visit America, but neither brother ever imagined it would take a family tragedy to prompt the trip.

Lawrence, 24, and Marcus, 22, are the nephews of Hillsborough resident Charles Loo, who on Monday is scheduled to enter a plea on charges that he murdered his 17-year-old son, Benson. They are here searching for answers on behalf of the rest of Charles Loo's family in Singapore.

"No one knows what happened or why," Lawrence Loo said Friday after a 14-hour-flight that ended at San Francisco International Airport.

They cant believe it, Marcus Loo said.

Police said Charles Loo, 50, stabbed his son to death before turning a knife on himself on the morning of Sept. 18 in the parking lot above Montara State Beach. He has been charged with first-degree murder and lying in wait, a special circumstance that makes him eligible for the death penalty.


Lawrence Loo said his uncles wife called the family a few days after the incident to say Benson, a Peninsula High School student, was dead and Charles was in jail. He said he and his brother were sent to the United States because his grandparents are elderly and his dad, Charless older brother, has high blood pressure.

Armed with questions, letters and recordings of voice messages for Charles, the brothers were sent because they are young, healthy and speak English well.

They are very upset because of this and very concerned about my uncle. They are concerned that he tried to commit suicide, and upset about my cousin, said Lawrence, who said a jail visit will be the first time hes seen his uncle since he moved here more than 10 years ago. Every moment they think of it, they cry.

Lawrence said his grandmother believes that Charles suffers from depression and said he started taking medication after he moved to the United States and had no friends or relatives. He said Charles Loo lived here for a few months by himself, and then sent for his wife and two young sons. Benson, his oldest, was pronounced dead not long after a passer-by called police to report seeing Charles Loo bleeding in a bush that Saturday morning. Charles Loos other son is 14.

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