Father of Kirkersville killer discusses son’s past, events before shootings — (10 WBNS)

SSRI Ed note: Man on meds for "bipolar" for 2+ decades is aggressive, angry, can't concentrate, shoots and kills 3 people and himself. Father says he would never do drugs.

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Author: 10TV Web Staff

Published: 4:38 PM EDT May 17, 2017  Updated: 4:21 PM EDT June 16, 2017

Kevin Landers spoke with Thomas Hartless Sr. about his son’s past, the relationship with Medrano and what he would say to the victims’ families.

When we originally published this story, we identified Thomas Hartless Sr. as Bobby Hartless. Bobby Hartless is not the father of Thomas Hartless. We regret the error.

The father of the man who killed three people, including the Kirkersville police chief, called the events of last week “a tragedy that no one will ever forget.”

Authorities said Thomas Hartless shot and killed Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario before killing Pine Kirk Care Center nurse Marlina Medrano and nurse’s aide Cindy Krantz.

Medrano had been involved in a relationship with Thomas and had previously sought protective orders against him in connection with domestic violence cases.

Kevin Landers spoke with Thomas Hartless Sr. about his son’s past, the relationship with Medrano and what he would say to the victims’ families.

Landers: Was your son diagnosed as bi-polar?

Hartless: Yes.

Landers: How old was he?

Hartless: About 15 or 16.

Landers: Was he getting help?

Hartless: He was taking pills, but nothing helped. Doctors said he wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his brain.

Landers: You know your son had a violent temper. We’ve heard he was raised in a violent home. Verbal and physical abuse.

Hartless: We was good. He would do anything for us and we would do anything for him. [Abuse claims] not true.

Landers: Did you two go hunting together?

Hartless: Yes, we went last deer season.

Landers: He’s a felon. How was he able to possess a gun?

Hartless: He went hunting with a muzzleloader and bow.

Landers: Isn’t that a gun?

Hartless: [A] muzzleloader is a primitive weapon, that’s allowed, I made him look it up to be sure. He did have a shotgun.

Landers: he’s not supposed to have a gun. Did he buy it?

Hartless: Yes, from a friend. I told him he wasn’t supposed to have it because of his record. He told me I know I’m going to sell it to make money.

Landers: Did he use that gun to commit the murders?

Hartless: I don’t know what gun he used. When I heard about it, it hit us like a ton of bricks.

Landers: I was here when BCI took your guns. Were any of your guns missing?

Hartless: No, I bought his guns from him.

Landers: Your son and his girlfriend had a tumultuous relationship.

Hartless: Yes, because she kept filing [reports] and they kept charging him. I told her if you don’t like him stay away, but she’d call him every morning.

Landers: Did you talk to your son the day of the shooting?

Hartless: He called his mother and me. He called her and he said like three or four times he loved her…[he] told me the same thing.

Landers: Did you think something bad was going to happen?

Hartless: We didn’t know. We thought it was strange.

Landers: Was your son doing drugs?

Hartless: Oh no. You won’t hear that from anybody. I asked the coroner if they found any drugs in his system and [said they] didn’t find anything. In fact, he had a friend who rolled a joint one time in his car and my son walked home. He didn’t like being around drugs.

Landers: What would you like to say to your son’s girlfriend’s family?

Hartless: That was wrong but I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me. I don’t believe anybody deserves that.

Landers: What about the family of the officer?

Hartless: I would want to talk to her. I would say I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Landers: You know your son had a violent temper.

Hartless: I do. He’d just click and he’d hurt you or walk away in mid-sentence. He couldn’t concentrate on things. He would go measure something and come back and wouldn’t remember.

Landers: Did he have ADD?

Hartless: I guess.

Landers: Did your son hate police?

Hartless: No.

Landers: Why would he shoot a cop?

Hartless: He was waiting in the weeds for her come out of the front door and I guess the officer told him to come out and when he’s locked in, he’s just locked in. I guess he wasn’t going come out. It’s a tragedy that no one will ever forget.