‘Fearful’ girl stabbed ex-boyfriend to death — (Accrington Observer)

SSRI Ed note: Woman in volatile relationship gets medication for depression, a few weeks later gets into altercation with abusive ex-boyfriend, stabs him to death.

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Accrington Observer

Accrington Observer

A YOUNG woman has admitted stabbing her ex-boyfriend to death when she lost control during a “physical confrontation”.

Preston Crown Court heard that Kelly Hyslop had a volatile relationship with the victim, Mohammed Nadeem, a 28-year-old married man, who was stabbed several times.

Hyslop, 20, of Commercial Road, Great Harwood, denied murder on 20 February this year, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of provocation, which was accepted by the Crown.

The court heard that she and the deceased had been in a relationship for a number of years, starting when she was 14 and he was 22 and already a father-of- two.

Mr Richard Marks QC, prosecuting, said “It was a relationship that persisted despite the fact that the deceased was at times violent towards her. Clearly it was a volatile relationship.

“On at least one occasion the violence was reported to the police, although no proceedings ensued.”

According to Hyslop, on the evening of 20 February the two of them were together when an argument developed about the past.

“She said she got a knife from the kitchen, intending to cut herself, something she had done in the past,” said Mr Marks. “She recounts a physical confrontation between them and how she believed he was going to force himself on her sexually. Effectively she lost control and stabbed him a number of times.”

In the days leading up to the killing, Hyslop had visited the doctor’s twice and was considered by a GP to be suffering from depression and a suicide risk. By the time the second visit took place, her condition had deteriorated.

Mr Marks told the court: “She appeared fearful, crying in a distraught fashion, looking around her in a frightened way and wringing her hands. Her ex-boyfriend was the source of her fear.

“His re-appearance at her new home threatened her relationship with her new partner.

“She feared his controlling and violent behaviour and her own past tendency to slip into his thrall and into the cycle of abuse.”

The doctor had been concerned for Hyslop and felt that support was needed. Such was her concern that a mobile telephone number was taken.

Defence counsel Mr Alistair Webster QC asked that sentence be adjourned so that background and psychiatric reports could be drawn up.

He said that in the past few weeks she had received hospital psychiatric treatment and she was currently on medication.

Judge Peter Openshaw QC adjourned the case to 8 November for sentencing. Hyslop was remanded on conditional bail until that date.