Family’s anguish over missing student Sophie Smith after revealing she left suicide note before disappearing on Boxing Day — (The Sun)

SSRI Ed note: Student being treated for anxiety and depression disappears after talking of suicide, leaves suicide note. Mother urges others to seek the same "help".

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The Sun

By Carl Stroud

Cops reveal the 21-year-old had previously discussed taking her own life by walking into the sea

HOPE that missing student Sophie Smith might be found alive finally faded today after police revealed that she had left a suicide note.

Missing student Sophie Smith left a suicide note, before disappearing, cops revealed today

She had been suffering severe anxiety and depression but had talked with her family and friends and was receiving psychiatric help and treatment for her mental health.

Inspector Will Drummond of Norfolk police said today: “We know from speaking to her family that Sophie had previously spoken about her intention to enter the sea to take her own life.

“Sadly, we can also confirm that Sophie had left a note and messages for loved ones, outlining her intentions.

“We have carried out comprehensive enquiries since her disappearance on Boxing Day. Sophie had been suffering severe anxiety and depression at the time of her disappearance

“The last and only CCTV image of Sophie was at 3am on Boxing Day running in the direction of the beach.

“All other enquiries since this time have proved negative. ”

Sophie’s mother, Lynn Shaw, today pleaded with anyone suffering from depression or anxiety to seek help.

She said: “In our hearts we hold every hope she will return safe and well. But as a family and knowing the troubles she was experiencing, we do fear the worst for our little girl.

Locals in Gorleston, Norfolk have carried out searches for Sophie following her disappearance.

“Sophie had openly discussed how she was struggling and was receiving treatment. I would urge anyone suffering anxiety or depression not to fight that battle alone and seek help.

“Sophie’s step-father Kevin and I would like to thank the public and police for their continued support and dedication in searching for Sophie.”