Possible family drama in Zwijndrecht—(foknieuws.nl)

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Netherlands • Posted by Editors on 25-05-2009 @ 11:37

Translation from Dutch into English:

In a house in the Lower Courts Boshuizen district in Zwijndrecht have found four people dead this morning. The police dare not yet say if it is a family drama is. There is still unclear who the victims and or their children. Further information is still lacking.

Update 20.56 pm

These are the bodies of two adults and two children. Dozens of investigators working on the case. The police suspect that a family drama is. Also, there is a connection with the discovery of a deceased woman in Bavel.

After a tip agents were in the house the bodies of a man, a woman, a 17-year old girl and a 16-year-old boy. The identity of the victims is still unknown. According to the mayor of the deceased Zwijndrecht formed a family.

Update 22.58 pm

Possible mail of the potential offender:

Subject: Last Workday at Topcon

Hello everyone.

Two years of misery, divorce, moving, a new girlfriend, much to heavy knee operation etc, I’m now being treatment to death for 2 years and also the children en my girlfriend and her child. I already once payed 5000 euro in cooperation with the police at a gas station, nobody came pick it up. A few times i was suspect instead of victum. Even been in police cell for that. Two weeks ago a pistol against my head, was not allowed to look behind otherwise i was being shot immediately, a filled marked and nobody seen anything. Think to have recognized one of the man, he was not home tonight, nether the whole weekend, otherwise he would now have been dead. Rene Pijnenburg from Bavel, the bastard, he had stolen my phone and started all this misery.My children and ex wife are heavily depressed, all possible care and help, nothing helped. They were more busy with the death then you and me together combined. Heavily on medication and have no emotions at all, fluoxetine, [Prozac]  does strange (crazy) things to people.

My girlfriend told me today that she regularly cheats on me, and that she had sended, to make it exiting and asking for attention to the police, me and herself threatening sms’s and letters, i gave her a slap and left, not much later i came back and totally lost it. she does not live anymore. wanted to step out alone but could not do this to Astrid and the children, the children would have come behind me, especially my daughter, my children and my ex wife are so deep down that i decided to take them with me.  They will be in heaven, i will be in hell. A funeral will not be there for me, after this im not worth and will therefore declare my body to science, at least i do something good for society. With me included five death plus my dog. Nobody of you ever was in danger please know that, i took everyone who was dear to me. in vain tried to get a pistol so now i’ve done it with a knife, so totally emotionless. Take in a minute all my medication i have, put the barbecue in the bathroom with charcoal and cut my wrists open. I must absolutely die and this way i also die of charcoal toxication.

Dim, thanks for everything, i could create my own job and did that with lots of plesure, thank you for you support, farewell.

Karin, thank you for everything you have done for me, ….

Ronals, wonderful man, ‘loved working with you and i learned a lot from you.

Jamal, you are an extraordinary person, stay yourself and make more of it then you think.

Ria, thanks for listening to my story, hope everything goes well for your daughter.

College’s, it was nice working with you, i had a great job, one of the category, if you have a job that fits you then you never have to work again.

was always a very social and good person, now not anymore, am the greatest bastard on earth. óne thing is sure. have never send anyone ever óne strange sms or phone call. i have never done that.

Of course i don’t ask for understanding, that would be ridiculous, just wanted to tell my story.