Former chef attacks two police officers in house rage — (The Gloucester Citizen)

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The Gloucester Citizen

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A FORMER chef who lost the plot after forgetting to take his medication assaulted two police officers who tried to restrain him.

Thomas Hopkins, 29, of Maypole Road, Lydney, pleaded guilty to assaulting PCs Nicholas Wheeler and Mark Thomas at The Tufts, Bream, on September 12, when he appeared before city magistrates yesterday.

The court heard how he went into a rage at his parents’ house, after he first locked himself in the bathroom.

One of the coppers was left with cuts down his hands after the attack.

The young dad recently lost his job as a pub chef.

Prosecuting solicitor Louise Pinder said: “The police were called to the defendant’s parents’ address to find the defendant refusing to come out of the bathroom. He finally ran out of the bathroom, shouting and waving his arms and fists at the policemen.

“They tried to restrain him but he kept hitting out and kicking out at the officers. He was finally handcuffed and leg restraints were used and he was taken to the police station.

“In interview he said that he hadn’t taken his medication and that made him feel trapped and enclosed.

“He has previous convictions for assault and resisting the police in January.

“PC Wheeler suffered a cut hand and forearm in the incident and PC Thomas suffered a sore shoulder.”

Defending solicitor Nicola Berryman said: “A supervision order imposed in January for a domestic incident is still in place.

“My client, who has recently been made redundant from his job as a pub chef, suffers from depression and he also has alcohol issues.

“This incident arose from an argument he had with his parents over money.

“He has a seven-week-old baby and recently his car was written off in an accident and things were getting on top of him.

“When the police arrived he was in an emotional state and did not intend to hurt the officers.

“He is very apologetic for his actions.” Magistrates adjourned the case until October 17 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared and granted Hopkins unconditional bail.