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Aug 22, 2011

LYNDON, Kan. (WIBW) — Defense attorneys for a man charged with capital murder for killing four female family members started their case, after the state rested its case on Monday (8/22).

Kahler’s defense attorneys called seven witnesses, including Kahler’s former doctor, who testified to diagnosing Kahler with depression.  Zoloft and sleeping pills, that’s what medical records show Kahler’s doctor prescribed him months before the shooting, meds Kahler had to stop taking because, he told the doctor, they had bad sexual side effects.

James Kraig Kahler on trial for capital murder in the shooting deaths of his wife, Karen, her grandmother, and his two daughters, November 2009 in Burlingame.

Kahler family friends took the stand today, testifying that the family seemed perfect until Karen’s affair with Sunny Reese. Friends say they told Karen to end that relationship, that Sunny’s mere presence was straining the Kahler family.

The defendant’s parents were also back on the stand, his father telling the jury that Kahler’s mental state made him fear for his son’s safety.

Prosecutors say the shooting wasn’t an act of insanity, but premeditation.

The defense’s witnesses include:

Michael Schmitz
Don Coulter
Marina Coulter
Siamac Vahabzadeh, M.D.
Liz McAulay
Wayne Kahler
Patricia Kahler

Chris Williams
Bill Watkins
Stephen Peterson, M.D.

Victor Holtorf

Defense attorneys Tom Haney and Amanda Vogelsberg say they expect their case to last through Wednesday. Then the state will call rebuttal witnesses.

13’s Suzie Gilbert is in court and will have the latest on Twitter at @suziegilbert and on 13 News and wibw.com.