GAYWOOD: Well-liked man found dead in woodland — (Lynn News)

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Coroner William Armstrong recorded that Matthew Gant, 41, of Barrett Close, Churchill Park, Gaywood, took his own life near Leziate on November 24 last year while suffering from depression.

Amanda Clarke told the hearing yesterday she had been in a relationship with Mr Gant for some time before they separated in August last year. On November 23 she received a text message from him saying: “It’s all over now. I can’t take it.”

The inquest heard he had been prescribed with anti-depressants, but had shown no evidence of suicidal thoughts.

Mr Armstrong said Mr Gant had had depression for some time and the text to Miss Clarke was an indication of his state of mind at the time of his death.

He sympathized with Mr Gant’s family, adding: “Matthew was a very popular and well-liked young man who was loved within his family and by many other people.”