Medication blamed for attack — (The Illawarra Mercury)

SSRI Ed note: Calm, gentle man takes gentle and calm man takes Ambien, antidepressants and anxiety drugs, stabs woman in a "frenzied" attack.

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The Illawarra Mercury


March 29, 2007

ALLAN Paul Kay was known as a gentle and calm man. But on March 9, after taking his prescribed sleeping pills, antidepressants and anxiety drugs, he allegedly stabbed a woman in a frenzied attack.

His solicitor, Jane Healy, told Wollongong Local Court yesterday a combination of the sleeping pill Stilnox and other prescription drugs may have been responsible. “Recently there have been a number of reports in relation to Stilnox [Ambien] resulting in out-of-character behaviour,” she said.

Kay is facing charges of attempted murder and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent to do so. He appeared in court yesterday via video link to request conditional bail.

The Flinders man is accused of stabbing a woman in what police described as a “frenzied attack”.

In a statement to police tendered in court, the woman said she had known Kay for more than 20 years and described him as a “gentle and calm” person. “He never gave me any reason to fear him.”