Amy Rose Tipton, aged 14, told her mother hours before she discovered her dying from an overdose that she was not going back until she knew who her classmates would be, the inquest was told.

Worcestershire Coroner Victor Round, who recorded a suicide verdict, did not go into detail but said that troubled Amy had left a “great volume” of notes and letters, one of them an affectionate goodbye to family and friends. Amy, of Linnet Rise, Spennells, Kidderminster, was pronounced dead at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on September 27 last year after taking an overdose of prescribed drugs at home.

Mr Round told the inquest he was not going to read out the contents of Amy’s letters but her family felt that bullying at Kidderminster’s King Charles I High School was to blame for the tragedy.

She had apparently been having problems for a year and Amy had said she “felt unpopular” at school, did not have many good friends and was not happy about various matters.

Mr Round told the inquest at Stourport that on the day she died Amy and her mother Christine had a conversation about her refusal to attend school. Amy had said she was not going back until she knew who was in her classes.

Amy had apologised to her mother for making her angry before going up to her room.

Several hours later Mrs Tipton went to her door, where she heard Amy breathing heavily and snoring and left her to sleep. Later Mrs Tipton had called out to her and when she got no response went into her room where she found Amy with her lips blue and a pale complexion.

An ambulance was called and paramedics and doctors fought to save her but Amy was certified dead at hospital an hour later.