Glamour model stabbed her boyfriend to death when he sent text saying: ‘It’s over’ — (The Irish Mirror)

SSRI Ed note: Former model who drinks and takes antidepressants has serious air rage incident, is argumentative, murders her boyfriend when he decides to leave her.

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By Patrick Lion

16:29, 21 SEP 2016   Updated19:17, 21 SEP 2016

Ellishia Allen, 29, plunged a knife into lover Karl Bloxham and then told emergency services: “His eyes are open and he’s dead…he’s not moving…and I stabbed him”

Allen was today sentenced to life in jail, with a minimum 14-year sentence, over the murder (Photo: SWNS)

A former glamour model who stabbed her boyfriend to death after he dumped her by text has been jailed for life.

Ellishia Allen, 29, pleaded guilty to murder after she plunged a knife into former partner Karl Bloxham, a father-of-two, after he sent her a text which said: “It’s over”.

A court heard she attacked Mr Bloxham, 39, with the 12cm blade when he returned to their home after he had been for a drink with work colleagues.

The former model called emergency services at 9.52pm on July 29 last year and said: “I’ve just stabbed my boyfriend.

“He’s dying in front of me. I’ve just stabbed him. He was calling me names. He was drunk.

“I’ve got a mental health problem. I just grabbed the knife and I’ve just stabbed him in his heart. I didn’t know where I was stabbing him and I’ve stabbed him to death.”

Allen killed her former lover in a stabbing frenzy after he broke up with her by text message (Photo: SWNS)

Allen also gave her address to the telephone operator and added: “He’s dead. His eyes are open and he’s dead…he’s not moving…and I stabbed him.”

When police arrived at the flat on Spruce Grove, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, they found Mr Bloxham lying on the floor with Allen kneeling close to his head covered in blood.

Paramedics tried to save his life for 35 minutes but he was pronounced dead at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham later that night.

Allen, of Hucknall, admitted murder at Nottingham Crown Court and was jailed for life.

Karl Bloxham who was stabbed by Ellishia Allen when he dumped her by Text (Photo: PA)

Judge Gregory Dickinson QC said: “I’m absolutely sure you picked up a knife and used it because you were angry because Mr Bloxham decided to leave you.”

The court heard Allen had started a relationship with Mr Bloxham in 2011 but it was “volatile and unpredictable” almost from the outset.

Prosecutor Michael Auty QC said on the day of the fatal attack, Mr Bloxham sent Allen a text saying “it’s over” before going for a drink with work friends in Bulwell.

But he was attacked when he returned to the flat the couple shared later that night.

One neighbour told police they heard loud thumping sounds coming from the flat as well as Allen shouting, doors slamming and their dog barking.

Another resident heard Allen shouting “Karl, please don’t leave me” and a third heard a male voice shouting “stop, you’re hurting me”.

The former model called emergency services last year and said: “I’ve just stabbed my boyfriend” (Photo: SWNS)

In a victim impact statement, Mr Bloxham’s sister Kylie Petrice said: “I miss him. I regret I did not tell him enough that I loved him.”

Mr Bloxham’s father Ted also said he had lost his son and his best friend.

He added: “We have a life sentence ourselves that will never go away.”

The court heard Allen had been an alcoholic and had the characteristics of emotionally unstable personality disorder.

She has previous convictions for assaulting police and for being drunk on an aeroplane.

Peter Joyce QC, defending, told the court Allen had been living in a volatile relationship.

He said she had an emotionally unstable alcohol disorder, had bulimia and anorexia, and had all five characteristics for emotionally unstable personality disorder.

Ellishia Allen in her police mugshot (Photo: PA)

Mr Joyce added: “At the time of the offence she was suffering from a number of recognised medical conditions.

“It is plain she was utterly stricken by remorse for what she had done.”

In September 2008, Allen was spared jail after she forced an airplane to make an emergency landing after downing a cocktail of booze and anti-depressants.

The glamour model, who was aged 21, lashed out at British Airways cabin crew after losing her bag in the plane’s toilet.

Lewes Crown Court heard she had downed Bacardi rum, Bombay Sapphire gin and depression tablets during a three-hour flight from Tirana, Albania, on August 17, 2007.

Allen was also “kicking and flailing her arms at anyone who tried to help her” and even “crawled along the floor towards the cockpit and main exit”.

She also spat at a policeman as he tried to restrain her after the plane was given a priority landing spot at Gatwick Airport.

Police outside the home in Hucknall after Karl Bloxham was murdered by Allen (Photo: SWNS)

Allen admitted endangering the safety of an aircraft and common assault but was spared jail after she was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years.

Judge Charles Kemp told her: “Your conduct on that plane was an absolute disgrace and outrageous in terms of the interference with cabin crew who have responsible jobs to carry out.”

Allen was also spared jail in November 2008 when she spat in the faces of two police officers who were forced to have vaccinations for hepatitis after it landed in their mouths.

Nottingham Magistrates Court heard heard she also spat at a nurse and a police custody officer in the early hours of July 14, 2008.

Allen admitting three charges of assaulting a police officer and one of common assault but was sentenced to 120 days in prison, suspended for two years.

She was ordered to serve a minimum term of 14 years behind bars.