Dela Rosa statement played for jury in toddler death case — (Washington Post)

SSRI Ed note: Mom in antidepressant withdrawal kills her daughter by throwing her off a 44-foot walkway.

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By Teresa Tomassoni

Published: September 27, 2011

Carmela Dela Rosa, the Virginia woman accused of tossing her toddler granddaughter off a 44-foot walkway at Tysons Corner Center, told police that she simply “lost it.”

She said she wanted to hurt the child’s father, James Ogdoc, so she grabbed Angelyn.

“I just saw James through her ­ through the baby,” Dela Rosa said.

Jurors at Dela Rosa’s murder trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court on Tuesday heard her describe the Nov. 29 incident in her own words as they watched a video interview, about an hour long, she had with detectives.

Prosecutors contend that Dela Rosa was a “spiteful” woman who intended to kill her granddaughter, Angelyn Ogdoc. Her attorney argued that Dela Rosa, who pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, is deeply troubled woman and suffers from depression.

Dela Rosa told detectives in the interview that she didn’t like James Ogdoc when he began dating her daughter, Kathlyn, while both were in high school. The feelings, which she described as jealousy, grew deeper when Kathlyn Ogdoc became pregnant during her sophomore year in college.

James and Kathlyn Ogdoc later married. Dela Rosa said she thought James Ogdoc robbed her daughter of the opportunity to meet other men and spend time with the family.

“Even when she’s with us, he’s like always in the picture,” Dela Rosa told detectives.

It was a phone call between James and Kathlyn Ogdoc that set her off at the mall, Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rosa told the detectives that she suffered from depression and hadn’t taken her medication for several days before the incident. She said she was stressed about being unemployed and in debt. And she said she felt as if her family had a secret language to exclude her.

Dela Rosa told detectives Stephen Needels and Keith Castilon that her depression began after her father died in 2000. Although she attempted suicide, she never thought about killing anyone else, she said, until the day at the mall.

Dela Rosa told detectives that she wasn’t allowed to be alone with Angelyn. As they neared the mall walkway, she said, she saw an opportunity to get rid of the toddler “permanently” and hurt James in doing so.

At that moment, Dela Rosa said, she thought that if Angelyn “had been gone, I would feel good that James doesn’t have her anymore.”

But Dela Rosa also said she didn’t mean to hurt Angelyn. “I wanted her to be okay,” she said, “but that’s not what happened.”