A child psychiatrist who met with Hannah Leflar’s killer multiple times testified the teen displays “psychopathic tendencies.”

Dr. Brent Harold was an expert witness called by the Crown during a sentencing hearing for the accused, which continued Wednesday.

The man, who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was 16 when, in 2015, he stabbed Leflar to death. He pleaded guilty to first-degree murder last year.

The hearing will determine if the now-19-year-old man should be sentenced as an adult, as the Crown has requested.

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Harold last met with the accused two weeks ago.

Earlier the court had heard the accused was diagnosed with mild depression at age nine. Harold testified, though, that the teen is not clinically depressed.

Their first meeting was in summer 2015 to address concerns the teen was depressed. During that meeting, Harold prescribed the teen antidepressants, but he stopped taking his medications and his symptoms went away. 

At a later meeting, the teen told Harold he’d been hearing voices and those voices ended shortly after Leflar’s murder. Harold said the accused does not have schizophrenia.

He later testified about the teen’s state of mind, saying he displays a lack of empathy and remorse, and demonstrates callousness.

Out of the more than 5,000 young people Harold has seen in his 19 years of practice, the teen is among the four or five who have displayed psychopathic tendencies, he said.

The sentencing hearing continues Thursday.