“Health team let my son down” – Thatcham mum tells inquest — (Newbury Today)

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Newbury Today

Reporter: Tanya Haji Thatcham Reporter

Monday, 09th Sep 2013

THE mother of a Thatcham man who took his own life earlier in the year has said that she was disappointed by the treatment he received from mental health teams in the run-up to his death.

Matthew Mason, aged 29, of Sedge Grove, was found dead at the home he shared with his mother on April 20.

An inquest in Newbury on Wednesday heard that, since he was at school, Mr Mason had suffered from depression and was on medication and having treatment until his death. His mother Margaret Gore, who discovered his body, said: “He suffered from severe depression and had done for a number of years.

“He was depressed from school and it just built up over the years.”

In August last year, Mr Mason tried to take his own life, leaving a note to that effect, which left him in intensive care. However, this time around, no note was left.

Consultant psychiatrist for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foun-dation Trust, Raja Natarajan, said that in August Mr Mason had said that he was disappointed that his suicide attempt had not worked.

However, the last time he saw him, last September, Dr Natarajan said that he was “happy with the progress he was making”.

However, Ms Gore said that when he was released from a stay at Prospect Park Hospital, he was not ready to be discharged and that he wanted to go back. Dr Natarajan said that Ms Gore’s concerns would be relayed back to the foundation trust.

Ms Gore said: “I think the mental health team have let him down. I was very disappointed by the mental health team and that he did not get the help and support he needed.”

After his death, toxicology reports showed that there were very high levels of his three prescribed drugs in his system. At the inquest, Ms Gore said that in the back of her mind, she believed that her son had intended to take his own life.

She said: “He always said he was not happy alive. I think he planned it all along.”

On recording a verdict of suicide, the assistant deputy coroner for Berkshire, Ashley Fegan-Earl, said it was clear from the toxicology reports that Mr Mason had taken a “considerable overdose”.

He said: “He had a very long history of problems going back a very long time and there’s clear evidence he had harmed himself in the past.

“Given his past history, he would be aware that medication like that could cause him severe harm.”