Husband killed wife then himself — (BBC News)

SSRI Ed note: Retired dentist unhappy over marriage breakdown prescribed antidepressants, behavior becomes erratic and suicidal, he kills wife and himself.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 October, 2003, 14:30 GMT 15:30

[According to Antidepaware, the inquest heard Peter Grant was taking antidepressants at the time of the murder-suicide]

An inquest in London has heard a retired dentist from Cornwall strangled his wife at her rented London flat and then returned to Cornwall to hang himself.

The coroner was told Peter Grant, who was 51, visited his wife in London the day before her body was found.

Lynn Grant, 50, was found by police in her London flat on 20 May this year.

The police in London then alerted their colleagues in Cornwall who found Peter Grant, hanging from a central beam in a barn at Blackberry Cottage, Feock.

Unlawfully killed

At the time of the deaths the couple’s marriage was breaking up and their £750,000 country house was being advertised for sale.

The coroner, Selena Lynch, recorded a verdict that Mrs Grant had been unlawfully killed and that Mr Grant had killed himself whilst his mind was unstable.

Pathologist Dr Robert Chapman said Mrs Grant had been manually strangled.

Mr Grant’s GP, Dr Martin Falkner, told the court he had suffered from depression and had attempted to take his own life fearing the imminent breakdown of his marriage.

The Grants leave two children, a 24-year-old daughter who lives abroad with her husband and a 21-year-old son studying at university.


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Millionaire killed wife then hanged himself  — (The Times)

Peter Grant, 51, had become erratic and suicidal after his marriage to Lynne, his second wife, collapsed.  [that would be when he was prescribed antidepressants]

The retired dentist, who became a property developer after losing fingers in a DIY accident, became known to police in February after an incident involving a shotgun at his £750,000 home in Feock, near Falmouth.