Accused tells court he is ‘deeply sorry’—(

SSRI Ed note: Man distressed because unfaithful wife plans to leave him gets antidepressants, sleeping pills, stabs her to death, is sorry lafter.

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Last Updated: Thursday, March 26, 2009, 20:58

A man accused of murdering his wife in Dublin in 2007 has told the Central Criminal Court that he is “deeply sorry”. David Bourke (49) has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Jean Gilbert (46) at their home at Laverna Dale, Castleknock, Co. Dublin, on August 28th, 2007.

The court has previously heard that an affair between Ms Gilbert and a man she first met on a Buddhist retreat in Japan in 1986 was rekindled four months before her death.

Ms Gilbert was stabbed four times in the back.

The court has previously heard that Ms Gilbert met Robert Campion in Japan in 1986 on a Buddhist trip and that they had a relationship for a year and a half but lost contact. The court also heard that Mr Campion contacted Ms Gilbert in April 2007.

The court heard that Ms Gilbert told her husband in June 2007 that she wanted to leave him.

Mr Bourke said that he suggested they go to counselling but that his wife did not agree. “I was just so devastated I just went around shopping centres, wandering around, in a black mood, wandering around like a zombie.”

The court heard that Mr Bourke found a number a letters that his wife had received from Mr Campion. Mr Bourke also discovered emails that July that his wife and Mr Campion had written to each other.

Mr Bourke said he went to the doctor and was prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping-tablets. His mental state “deteriorated”, he said.

He said: “Please can I say to the court, to the jury, to the Gilbert family, and my three beautiful children, from the bottom of my heart how deeply sorry I am. I’m truly sorry. I really am terribly sorry.”

The trial continues.