Husband stabbed to death by mentally ill wife in his sleep — (The Standard)

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The Standard

Local | 25 Feb 2021 2:12 pm

A 73-year-old woman suffering from mental illness was arrested on suspicion of killing his 69-year-old husband after stabbing him six times in his sleep.

Their daughter called police at around 4am today from the flat she shared with her parents at Kwai Yiu House of Lai Yiu Estate in Kwai Chung, saying her mother had stabbed her father and wounded him with a knife.

Police arrived on the scene finding the man to have severe wounds on his head, with a total of six stabbed wounds from 4 to 10 centimeters long. An ambulance rushed the man to the hospital, where he was certified dead at 5am.

The woman is currently being monitored and detained at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

A police spokesman said the woman is suffering from schizophrenia and depression, having to take prescribed psychotropic medications. The family has no prior history of violence nor criminal records.

It was said that the family had dinner together yesterday night as usual, the daughter and his father had already fallen asleep when the incident happened.

The chief inspector said police would contact the Social Welfare Department and related people or groups to further their investigation.