Husbands Prozac Induced Mania- Please help — (MD Junction)

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03/24/2012 11:15 AM

Hi I am a stay at home mom with three kids and 7 months pregnant.  And back in late 8/26 me and my husband went to primary care physician and he explained he had premature ejaculation.  They prescribed prozac.  In that event things were going ok until about 5-6 weeks later.  For the first time me and my husband argued and he got really violent with me.  At the time I was diagnosed with RA so usually I will have the energy to fight but I really didn’t ( I didn’t know I was pregnant either).  Well when he gotten really violent I was so scared I had our oldest son call the cops and when they came they seen a small scatch on my face but the bruises showed up later. So they didn’t arrest him but he stood on the couch talking so crazy, he said yes my wife is violent and so on and so on and at that time I knew something was wrong.  So I called his mentors wife and they had no clue what was going on and told him not to hit me again.  Well the next day I couln’t let go of it and I was so mad at him he was reading his bible and I cried and said why would you hit me, he said you look so stupid get off of me, well that was crazy then I heard him calling someone on the phone and said she hit me and whoever it was said go to the hospital and he did he came home the next day while he was staying at the mentors home and came back and he had me looking like the bad guy. From that moment on my husband has tried to get a protective order against me take my kids away and all that he could do.  But the case got dropped because my husband followed me in a car while I was at a friends home and also tricked me into getting served with order.  Fast forward a couple of weeks later my husband was extremly mean and crazy talking he was going to divorce me because I am violent but not taking responsiblity of what he did. And Shortly after we were in court cause manically he grabbed our youngest who was one years old and her head was hit and he tried to take the kids away, he screamed he hated me and pushed me to the ground.  So the judge ordered me a 12 month protection order and he avoided getting served so it was dropped. Mean while he was talking to other women at his job, which I found out, none of this in his character purposely tried to do hateful and mean things to me and recently he poured gasoline at the pump at me things totally out of his character.  Not to mention running with a broom stating I was going to kill him, exaggerating so much.  My husband is no good with money he is now three months behind in mortgage, and my husband makes enough money.  He has been off the meds since 3/1/2012 so now 23 days he still a little manic.  I seen him yesterday he looked really sad usually he has had so much energy in the last five months.  At this point when should he come back to him self.