“I’m back on anti-depressants”, says Danielle Lloyd as she shows off her bottom on hols — (Daily Mirror)

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By Rachael Wheeler

Danielle Lloyd shares a cheeky snap on Twitter, following an interview about getting her life back on track

If you can count on anyone to do a spot of oversharing, it’s Miss Danielle Lloyd. We’ve only just recovered from the graphic tale of her exploding breasts and now she wants to show us her bottom.

Not that her bottom is unpleasant, of course. In fact, it’s a peachy little thing that is really quite lovely.

Danielle, who is on yet another holiday, tweeted this morning: ‘Loving this Portugal sunshine, need to get my bum brown LOL speak to u all when am back.’

Before she headed off on her second beach holiday this year (not that we’re counting), Danielle spoke to OK! magazine about how she’s getting on following the explosion of her breast implants.

A routine boob job turned into an ongoing nightmare for Danielle in January after her breasts continued to produce milk despite the fact Danielle had stopped breast feeding months earlier. After two further operations and the removal of her implants altogether, Danielle was left wounded – both physically and emotionally.

But weeks later, Danielle says her life is back on track. The 28 year old, who is engaged to the father of her two sons Jamie O’Hara, said: “My left boob is completely deformed so I will have to have reconstructive surgery. But definitely not before the wedding. I’m going to enjoy my summer and then think about it.”

On how much she’s enjoying having small boobs, Danielle told OK! magazine: “Now I’ve lived with them I love them. They’re just so much more womanly and I feel more petite and clothes fit better. I look at people with big boobs now and wonder how they’re carrying the things about.”Danielle, before the disaster that led to her losing her breast implants

Danielle also revealed that she is back on anti-depressants after she suffered from post natal depression after the birth of her second son Harry. She said: “I feel OK now. I’m back on anti depressants. I’m on a different kind than I was because I suffered a rare side effect which made me produce loads of breast milk even though I’d stopped breast feeding six months before.

“When I was off them I started feeling snappy and down in general so I do need them, especially with the stress of the wedding. Jamie was amazing and really helped me through it.”