NRI techie was bogged riding high down by slowdown—(The New Indian Express)

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The New Indian Express

P Hareesh

First Published : 30 May 2009 09:19:08 AM IST
Last Updated : 30 May 2009 10:53:03 AM IST

HYDERABAD: He planned to return to his roots and settle down in Hyderabad with his family. But health problems coupled up with the stress of being an IT professional at the time of a global slowdown led him to the extreme step. And he chose to end his life rather than be resilient and fight. US-based software engineer, A Venkat Ram Kashyap (30), who jumped to his death from the sixth floor of the Taramandal Complex, opposite the Secretariat, on Thursday night, was on anti-depressants drugs for one year. Kashyap, however, kept his folks back home in the dark about his depressed state of mind.

His suicide came as a rude shock to his family members who did not have the slightest inkling about what their son was going through till he came to the city on Wednesday.

“Kashyap came to the city only on Wednesday and his parents came to know that he was on anti-depressant drugs after his arrival,” Kashyap’s aunt, Lakshmi, said. On Thursday too, Kashyap along with his wife, Subhadra, and another relative visited a psychiatrist at Banjara Hills. “Kashyap dropped his wife and sister-in-law at the Prasad’s multiplex and asked them to return home on their own stating that he wanted to catch up with a friend. That was the last time that the family saw him, Lakshmi said.

A few hours later, the news of Kashyap’s death came from the police much to the shock of his family and parents.

“Kashyap was suffering from a thyroid problem and was undergoing treatment in the US.

Though the ailment had a cure, it might be the stress of his job at the time of recession that made him take the extreme step,” Kashyap’s uncle and vicepresident of Quantum Asia Private Limited, P V S Balasubramanyam said.

Balasubramanyam, who is also into the IT sector, said that Kashyap was well placed in his job. “It is the lack of resilience on part of the 30-year-old which might have prompted him to take the extreme step. Kashyap was planning to shift to the city along with his wife, Subhadra, who is doing her chemical research in the US and five-yearold son, Abhijit Kashyap, by the end of this year,” he added.

The family was in the city to spend the summer vacation.

Kashyap was a resident of Malakpet and had completed his engineering from a private institute in Aurangabad, family members said.