Terra Cowser, 26, of rural Pekin, was pronounced dead at 6:31 p.m. June 16 at her home, where she was found in bed by family members, according to Tazewell County Coroner Dennis Conover.

Tazewell County Sheriff’s Detective Clyde Taylor said Cowser was last seen by her husband on the day before her body was found.

Officers in the home found multiple prescription drug bottles and needles for injecting drugs, Taylor said. Some of the drugs were prescribed to Cowser, while others belonged to two other family members, one deceased. Officers found a pill crusher used to grind up medications for injection.

According to Conover, Cowser had 60 times the therapeutic level of Flexerol in her system, six times the level of Darvon and five times the level of Celexa, in addition to other medications.

Cowser was previously employed as a nurse.