Inquest: Man from Peterborough dies after overdose — (Peterborough Telegraph)

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Peterborough Telegraph

Published   Dec 7, 2011 11:29

A MAN from Peterborough with a history of psychiatric problems was found dead in his apartment after taking an overdose of drugs.

The body of Simon Deluce (43), from Eaglesthorpe, Peterborough, was found in his house on April 2 this year.

An inquest heard that toxicology results on his blood and urine showed Mr Deluce had a potentially fatal amount of the antidepressant mirtazapine.

It also showed he had a large quantity of alcohol in his body at the time of the overdose, meaning the coroner was not able to say if the overdose was accidental or deliberate.

Coroner Gordon Ryall delivered an open verdict. He said: “It is impossible on the evidence to say why he did it.

“To deliver a verdict of suicide I have to be certain, but there is not evidence of that degree of certainty.”

The inquest heard that Mr Deluce, a former IT worker, had struggled with mental health problems since his divorce, but had not spoken to anyone about his issues since November 2010.

He was found after friend Kevin Price twice visited his house to find a window open but no answer at the door.

Mr Price, from Fulbridge Road, said: “He never said anything to me about wanting to take his own life. We last spoke on the Saturday (March 26) at about 2pm, and we agreed to meet up on Monday.

“I went round to his house on Monday and the window was open but nobody answered the door, so I left. I came back on Saturday and the window was still open.”

Mr Price phoned the police, and PC Vincent Watson discovered the body at 7.30pm. The property was said to be messy, but there were no suspicious circumstances.