Long hours led to IT worker's suicide — (Maidenhead Advertiser)

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Maidenhead Advertiser

Thu 22nd Sep 11

by John Balson

An IT engineer hanged himself after work stress and long hours left him with manic depression, an inquest heard today.

David Laserna Balen, of North Town Mead, Maidenhead, had been working 16-hour days at a technology firm when he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

The 33-year-old, who had been taking antidepressants, committed suicide at home just hours before he was due for a job interview with the BBC in Manchester on June 9.

His wife Natalia Angarita James, who moved with him from Colombia in 2002, said they had both seen the BBC job as ‘a way out’.

At Windsor’s Guildhall deputy Berkshire coroner Ravi Sidhu said the fear of missing out on the job was a factor in causing Mr Laserna Balen to take his own life.

He recorded a verdict of suicide.