Jeremy Brett Biography — (Sherlockian

SSRI Ed note: Actor takes antidepressants, they cause weight gain and other problems, he dies at 61.

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Author: Revati and SherlockExtra – Translator: Revati

EXCERPTS: (Jeremy Brett) completed his acting studies in the Central School of Speech and Drama. His theatre debut was in 1954 at the Library Theatre in Manchester. He appeared in Othello as Cassio, while the play’s Desdemona was Rosalie Williams, who portrayed the kind landlady, Mrs. Hudson in the Granada series. Jeremy played many Shakespeare characters. His London debut was in 1956, he played Patroclus in Troilus and Cressida. In the cast of the play was his future on-screen sibling, Charles Gray (Mycroft Holmes) – he played the role of Achilles. Brett’s memorable movie role is Freddy in My Fair Lady, though his singing was dubbed. The deepest tragedy in his life was the loss of his second wife, Joan Wilson. She was an American television producer, who saw Brett in a play (Design For Living) in 1973. They married in 1977. Jeremy told later that it was a wonderful relationship and they were made for each other. Joan had two children, Caleb and Rebekah – Jeremy loved them as his own and he kept in with them till his own death. Joan had cancer and died on the 4th of July 1985 – not soon after Granada shot the death of Sherlock Holmes for the episode called The Final Problem. Jeremy did not want to marry again – he was not able, because the loss of Joan affected him so deeply. He met Linda Pritchard during a cancer charity campaign. Jeremy supported Linda with money and helped raising media awareness for the campaign. Later their friendship turned into love. They had happy periods, but at that time Jeremy suffered from serious depression. Linda stood for him till his last days. His face and body bloated, it was the side effect of the antidepressants prescribed to him. His medicine doses were too high. In addition to that, he was a heavy smoker. On a Tuesday dawn, on the 12th of September 1995 Jeremy Brett died in his London home. He was lying on the couch of his living room. He lived 61 years. The cause of his death was myocardial heart attack.