Joseph Biegert Death Case Report — (Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation)

SSRI Ed note: Young man on several medications lives alone, is killed in altercation with the police when they come to check on him.

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Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation


Event Summary:

On Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015 at 7:31 p.m. two Green Bay police Officers arrived at the apartment of Joseph Beigert, in response to a request by his mother, Toni, who had talked to him on the phone and was afraid he was suicidal.  She also reported a conversation in which he thought that people were out to get him.  His brother, Brian, had also noted that when he talked to Joseph, he did not sound right.

Toni explained that Joseph had been diagnosed with ADHD, and possible bipolar, and took medication for these conditions, although she believed he sometimes “misused” his prescriptions.  One of his medications, for depression, was Wellbutrin.  He had also overdosed on the past.

When the officers arrived, there were pill bottles scattered around.   They officers tried to turn Biegert over to rescue personnel but he resisted, and stabbed one of them with a kitchen knife. The other officer then shot Biegert four times.   The rescue personnel then entered the apartment but Biegert was dead.

The Case Report details the investigation into what went wrong.