Jugé pour avoir tué sa fille handicapée de 6 ans / Sentenced for killing his disabled 6-yr-old daughter — (BFMTV)

SSRI Ed note: Man in antidepressant withdrawal plans to kill wife incapacitated by treatment for bipolar, handicapped daughter, and himself but only kills daughter.

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He couldn’t live any more with the burden of the handicap.  A father, 45, faces judgement Tuesday before the Assizes of Seine and Marne for suffocating his daughter Johana, 6, in her sleep.

This mason cared for his sick wife and daughter who were totally dependent on him. He will appear before the Assize Court for the most serious of the crime provided for in the penal code: murder. He faces life in prison.

Counsel for the father does not expect indulgence, but understanding from of the Court of Assizes: it’s a crime of love, an unusual circumstance,  said his lawyer, master Hubert Delarue.

He wanted to kill himself

The murdered girl, Johana, was quadriplegic, epileptic and was suffering from a severe mental retardation. Despite her six years, she wore diapers, couldn’t sit. The child was completely dependent on her parents and the specialised centre where she spent her days. The father could not rely on his wife, who suffered manic depression: regularly hospitalized, her treatments had left her incapacitated .

Depressed and anxious, the accused planned to kill his wife and then himself after suffocating his daughter, but he could not go through with it, says his lawyer.  He had made a transfer of 10,000 euros to his mother’s bank account, to pay the funeral expenses f0r his entire family. It was an accumulation of pressures that led him to kill his child, explained the lawyer.

A loving father but exhausted

Psychiatrists describe a loving father who was exhausted, coping only on the surface, who had stopped taking his antidepressants and drank alcohol. He repeatedly refused outside help.

More information will be revealed by psychiatric experts during the trial.  One is expected to testify that his judgment was impaired and that he was only partly responsible for his actions. The trial is expected to last until Thursday.

The drama took place in the village of Boulancourt, 80 kilometres south of Paris, on January 3, 2011.   The family watched television then put the daughter to bed around 8:30.  The man went into her room, placed his hand over her mouth and suffocated her.  At 2 o’clock in the morning he finally woke up his wife, and confessed what he had done.


Jugé pour avoir tué sa fille handicapée de 6 ans — (BFMTV)

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Un homme de 45 ans est jugé devant les assises de Seine-et-Marne pour avoir étouffé son enfant de 6 ans, qui était tétraplégique, épileptique et souffrait d’un fort retard mental.

This loving as father describe psychiatrists, was also a man , laminated, which no longer took his antidepressants and took refuge in alcohol. He repeatedly refused foreign aid.

The psychiatric expertise should learn more during the trial, considered one of the specialists in the investigation that his discretion was “altere” when the facts and that it was only accessible to a penalty penale “partiellement”. The trial is expected until Thursday.

Le drame s’est déroulé dans le village de Boulancourt, à 80 kilomètres au sud de Paris, le 3 janvier 2011. Après avoir regardé la télévision en famille et couché sa fille vers 20h30, l’homme s’est rendu dans sa chambre, a placé sa main sur sa bouche et l’a étouffée. C’est vers 2 heures du matin qu’il a enfin réveillé sa femme, et qu’il a avoué.