Justin Bieber arrested for drag-racing DUI: Did weed, alcohol & antidepressants — (The Examiner)

SSRI Ed note: Singer taking combination of drugs, including andidepressant, shows poor judgement

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Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI and drag racing in Miami Beach on Jan. 23.on.aol.com

January 23, 2014

Justin Bieber smoked weed, drank alcohol, and took antidepressants before being arrested for driving under the influence in Miami, TMZ reported Jan. 23.

A representative for the Miami Beach Police Department confirmed during a press conference that Bieber had been caught drag-racing at 4:11 a.m. EST on a residential street in Miami on Jan. 23.

According to the police report, Justin was driving between 55 and 60 MPH in a 30 MPH residential area.

Bieber, 19, was charged with resisting arrest (without violence) after a police officer asked him to exit his vehicle. The officer allegedly grabbed Justin by his right arm, and Justin responded by yelling, “What the f–k are you doing?”

Bieber, who did not have a valid driver’s license, was then placed under arrest for DUI. He admitted to the officer that he had smoked marijuana “all day,” had drunk a beer earlier than evening, and had been taking prescription antidepressants.

Justin’s friend, R&B singer Khalil Sharief, was also charged with DUI. The arrest was the culmination of a sad, bizarre week for Bieber, whose Los Angeles home was raided by police on Jan. 14. Contradicting press reports claim Bieber’s mansion was littered with drug paraphernalia and cookie jars filled with weed.

Meanwhile, Justin is reportedly being urged by friends to go to rehab for his growing addiction to prescription drugs, sizzurp, and weed.