Kayelyn Louder autopsy inconclusive but family insists death ‘was not an accident’ — (Deseret News)

SSRI Ed note: Mystery substance: Woman who took nothing "fatal or illegal" makes 3 bizarre phone calls, is clearly confused and delusional, disappears, is later found dead.

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MURRAY — An autopsy conducted on Kayelyn Louder, the woman who was missing for two months before her body was found in the Jordan River, was unable to determine how she died.

The autopsy report concluded the cause of death was “undetermined” due to exposure to the water, Louder family spokeswoman Amy Fugal said in a prepared statement Wednesday.

“We knew this was a possibility but are saddened not to have more information or closure. Her toxicology report indicated nothing fatal or illegal in her system,” Fugal said.

Louder, 30, was last seen Sept. 27 when a surveillance camera captured her leaving her condominium in Murray, walking away barefoot in the middle of a rainstorm. Police later reported that Louder had made three 911 calls prior to her disappearance. The odd calls raised speculation from investigations that she may have been confused and possibly delusional.

Louder’s body was discovered Dec. 1 by West Valley City work crews looking at a drainage pipe near 3300 South and 1200 West. They noticed the body barely sticking out of the water in the middle of the river. It was underneath a bridge and partially hidden by water plants. Because of decomposition, police were not immediately able to determine an age or gender.

“We know there is more to the story. Her family deserves answers and she deserves justice. Without help from influential people or deep pockets, our family fears we are left to accept what the authorities have speculated,” Fugal said in her statement. “But we know this was not an accident. We will continue to investigate and do whatever we can to seek truth and justice for sweet Kayelyn.”

Murray police detective Kenney Bass said Wednesday that while the investigation into her death was still ongoing, there has been no evidence to suggest foul play was involved.


Missing woman made confused 911 calls prior to disappearance, police say — (Deseret News)

MURRAY — Police say Kayelyn Louder, missing since Sept. 27, made three odd 911 calls prior to her disappearance, leading police to believe she may be confused and possibly delusional.

The 30-year-old woman has not been seen since surveillance cameras at her condominium recorded her leaving the building at 5:45 p.m. that day, barefoot in a tank top and shorts, despite the pouring rain. Louder left behind her keys, cellphone and a pet dog that family members say was her constant companion.

The night before she disappeared, Louder received “disappointing employment news” about a job she was applying for, Murray police officer Kenny Bass said Wednesday.

Louder called 911 a few minutes before 9 p.m. reporting a “large fight” involving armed individuals in the clubhouse at her condominium, Bass said. When officers arrived, they found a wedding reception and no one with any knowledge of a fight.

Later that night, Louder called 911 again and hung up. When dispatchers called back, Louder told them she was fine, but the call takers responded she seemed confused and wasn’t making sense, Bass said. Officers went to Louder’s apartment to check on her, but she had left, according to her roommate.

The next day, Louder made a third 911 call at 8:18 a.m., saying her apartment was being burglarized. Dispatchers kept her on the phone while police were notified.

“She could be heard in the background yelling for people to leave,” Bass said. “Her roommate woke up during this time and came down and told her while she was on the phone that there was nobody in the house, the doors were locked and there wasn’t a problem.”

When officers arrived, they found no signs of a break-in. Louder’s roommate told police that Louder had been acting strange and “delusional,” Bass said.

Bass also described a second surveillance recording of Louder, captured about 3:30 p.m. Sept. 27.

“She’s outside her apartment building with her dog and acting strangely,” he said. “It appears she’s having an animated conversation, but she’s the only one who can be seen in the video. It appears she’s talking to herself.”

However, family members who spoke to Louder on the phone that day didn’t notice anything strange. A neighbor who visited with Louder that same afternoon and invited her to a party reported Louder planned to stay in that night to clean her home and work on her resume.

Police have found no evidence of foul play and are unsure whether drugs or medication could have been a factor in the 911 calls Louder made, Bass said.

“We’re really concerned because of (the 911 calls),” he said. “The concern is if she is unable to take care of herself or she is delusional, she may not know to ask for help.”

Meanwhile, friends and family have been looking for Louder since they discovered she was missing, leading searches, passing out fliers, organizing a vigil and sharing her picture online.

A few friends, former co-workers and complete strangers met at Murray Park on Wednesday night to help with yet another all-volunteer search for Louder. Some had already spent the day putting up fliers with Louder’s picture in neighborhoods and businesses.

As they waited to start the search, some of them began to speculate: Had Louder been picked up in a car? Which areas had been searched near her home? What organizations might be able to help in the search?

Ashley Neilson, of Wellsville, and Amber Cascio, of Taylorsville, distributed more than 100 fliers around West Valley on Wednesday before joining the search in Murray that evening.

The women worked at a restaurant with Louder several years ago but have talked only sporadically since then. They were joined by Rosemary Sutton, a Logan resident didn’t know Louder but wanted to help.

“We felt like we needed to do something to make a difference and help find her,” Cascio said. “I haven’t talked to her in a long time, but I still consider her a really good friend.”

Many people the women met were unaware of the disappearance, Neilson said.

“Some had heard the story, but surprisingly a lot of people didn’t know,” Neilson said. “That’s the point, just to get her face out there and let as many people as possible know to keep there eyes out.”

Sutton became emotional as the group prepared to search.

“Being a parent, you’ve got to be out there helping,” Sutton said. “I feel like it’s not very much that we’ve done, but at least we’ve tried.”

Louder is described as white, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with brown hair and brown eyes. Anyone who may have seen Louder is asked to call Murray police at 801-840-4000 or 801-264-2673.