Knife waved in man's face in row over £100 — (Echo)

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Thursday 8th August 2013 in News

A MAN threatened his neighbour with a 14-inch carving knife during a row over £100.

Paul McPhearson, 49, waved the steel blade in Gary Payne’s face.

He also threatened to attack Mr Payne with a truncheon, which he had in his pocket, if he didn’t pay up, Basildon Crown Court heard yesterday.

McPhearson and Mr Payne argued outside the latter’s home in The Drakes, Shoebury.

The court heard how McPhearson told police what he was planning to do before making the three-minute walk to Mr Payne’s house.

“He put Mr Payne in fear for his safety.”

Mr Payne responded by swearing at McPhearson, locking his door and calling police. The drama unfolded on Friday, May 24.

Yesterday, McPhearson, of Anson Chase, Shoebury, pleaded guilty to two counts of having an offensive weapon and one count of using threatening language to Mr Payne.

In mitigation, Matthew Bone said McPhearson was on new anti-depressants which he mixed with alcohol, unaware they should not be taken together.

It was McPhearson’s first offence and was totally out of character, he added.

Judge Jonathan Black sentenced McPhearson to eight months in prison, suspended for a year.

He must also pay the £100 and now has a restraining order not to contact Mr Payne for five years.

He must also have treatment for alcoholism.

Judge Black said: “The court sees the carrying of weapons as a serious offence, especially carrying knives with 14-inch blades and especially when those knives are carried to be used.

“Had Mr Payne decided to take you on, you would be in a position where you would be carrying a knife and not be in control of yourself and you could be facing a lot more serious charges.”

McPhearson thanked the judge for his sentence and said: “It has taken me 49 years to get here, but I tell you something, I will never be back here again. I have learnt my lesson.

“I’m sorry to be a bother.”