La Electrician Who Plunged To His Death From Wilshire Grand Center Committed Suicide — (JIST NEWS)

SSRI Ed note: Construction worker taking antidepressants jumps to his death from 53 floors up.

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March 24, 2016

Joseph Sabbatino leaped to his death from the 53rd story of L.A.’s Wilshire Grand Center on Friday.
The married 36-year-old, who was taking medication for depression, landed on the hood of a passing car below.  Sabbatino was also found to have removed his helmet and had not been wearing  a safety harness.
A Los Angeles County Coroner has now ruled that Sabbatino’s tragic death was a suicide; no note has been discovered.
Motorist Donna Crockett was hysterical after he landed on her car and said it had ‘really taken a toll’ on her.
A statement from Turner Construction says the death was not a work related incident, indication it may have been a suicide.