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SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants repeatedly assaults partner in front of child.

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By Nigel Freedman

A machete maniac who forced his terrified girlfriend to flee onto a window ledge in her dressing gown has been locked up.

Lawrence Ardron threatened Lisa Wickes with the bladed weapon in front of a two-year-old child, a court heard.

A judge described the attack as “unrestrained violence” and said Ardron had terrorised his partner.

Hove Crown Court was told how Ardron had confronted Miss Wickes on at least two occasions.

On April 3 the alarm was raised after a motorist spotted the screaming victim on a window ledge in her night gown.

Sam Bull pulled up to help and was confronted by Ardron coming out of the house In Pelham Road, Seaford, a court heard.

Alexander Rose, prosecuting, said Mr Bull heard someone shout “he’s got a machete” and jumped back into his car.

Mr Rose said: “He thought he was about to be attacked and started to drive away. Ardron ran after the car.

“The incident was watched by a seven-year-old child who was screaming ‘I want my mummy’.”

Police were called to the house three weeks later after Ardron attacked Miss Wickes again.

Witnesses said he threatened her with a machete in front of a friend’s two-year-old child on April 21.

He had forced his way into the flat and bundled her into the bathroom, locking the door.

Mr Rose said Miss Wickes was pushed into the bath and slapped seven or eight times in the face and stomach.

He said Ardron told her: “If you don’t shut up I will kill you.”

Ardron was arrested at the house but told police he had taken anti-depressants.

He said he had also been drinking and could not remember what happened.

He pleaded guilty to assault, violent entry and threatening behaviour.

The court heard that he had been released early on license from a four year prison sentence for robbery.

The offences in April meant he could be recalled to serve the remaining two years of that sentence.

Tony Ballard, defending, said the “mutually abusive” relationship the couple had is now over.

He said Ardron had pleaded guilty to the offences when he appeared before Brighton magistrates in April.

Ardron was jailed for 18 months when he was sentenced today.

Recorder Antonio Bueno, QC, said:”You held Lisa Wickes at knifepoint in a locked bathroom.

“You terrorised her and threatened to kill her, sadly infront of a two-year-old child “Less than three weeks earlier you had terrorised the same girl, this time infront of a seven-year-old.

“She was seen crouching outside on the window ledge shouting for help.

“These offences demonstrate a worrying degree of unrestrained violence on your part.”

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