Estate agent director could be jailed after sex attack — (The Sleaford Standard)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants drinks, stalks and grabs a teenage girl, drags her across the street and tries to rape her. Charged, faces jail, cannot explain actions.

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The Sleaford Standard

By Sadie Lawlor

Published: 16:21 Thursday 20 December 2007

Estate agent Simon Bews could face a prison sentence after admitting sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl.

A DIRECTOR of a Sleaford estate agent grabbed a teenage girl around the throat, dragging her across a road before sexually assaulting her.
Simon Bews, 43, of London Road, Sleaford, has resigned as a director of Winkworth after admitting sexually touching a 17-year-old girl on November 18.

Grantham magistrates heard how the attack had an element of ‘abduction’ as he grabbed and dragged the girl and threw away her mobile phone as she screamed.

Now Bews could face a prison term. The magistrates adjourned the case until January 9 for reports to be prepared, granting Bews unconditional bail and imposing a sex offender’s notification order.

David Atkiss, prosecuting, described how the girl was followed by Bews as she walked home on Grantham Road, Sleaford at about 3am following a night out in the town.

The assault happened when she turned onto George Street from King Edward Street. She had been trying to catch up with her boyfriend who was walking some way ahead of her following an argument.

In her statement she said: “The guy grabbed my hand and put it around my back, I started screaming and he told me to shut up. He grabbed me across my throat, dragging me across the road. I don’t know how it happened but I ended up knelt on the floor.”

Her boyfriend heard her screams and ran to help her, causing Bews to run off.

In a victim statement, the girl said she has become a nervous wreck.

She said: “I cannot stop wondering what would have happened if my boyfriend had not come back. I believe he would have raped me.”

During the attack, Bews had emptied his pocket of money and two cheques made out to him.

Leo Pyle, defending, said Bews had been out in Sleaford and could not give a reason for following the girl.

Mr Pyle said the police contacted Bews the next day about the lost cheques. He went into the police station and admitted the assault straight away.

My Pyle added: “His actions of throwing money and cheques is significant. It indicates just how inebriated he was and that this was not pre-planned. It was simply a grope by a lecherous drunk.”

He said Bews, who he described as a ‘broken man’, has had two recent family deaths, is on anti-depressants and used alcohol to obliterate worries about his business.