Drunk man spat in face of club doorwoman — (The Visitor)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants drinks, spits on doorwoman for refusing to allow him into a bar.

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The Visitor

Published: 10:06  Thursday 14 February 2008

Location: Morecambe

A MAN drunk on a cocktail of prescribed pills and alcohol spat in the face of a female door supervisor when she refused him entry to a Morecambe late-night bar, Lancaster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Andrew Corner, of Meldon Grange in Heysham, pleaded guilty to assault after the incident at Queens bar in the resort on January 19.

Corner, 30, had been out drinking in Morecambe with a female friend after he had taken medication for anxiety and depression.

Nigel Harrison, prosecuting, said: “Miss Martin thought he was barred from Queens and other pubs and refused him entry.

“(Corner) didn’t take kindly to that and spat in her face.”

Jon Lee, defending, said: “She remembered (the defendant) from a few years before but he had not been in trouble for some time.

“She said: ‘We don’t want your type in here’.

“His reaction was over the top because he had too much to drink, taken with prescribed medication for anxiety and depression, and he doesn’t drink too often.”

Mr Lee also said Corner claimed he felt a “blow” on his face as he spoke to Miss Martin. “He did not know who the blow had come from, so he reacted by turning around to spit, and this unfortunately hit the door supervisor,” said Mr Lee.

Corner was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay compensation to Miss Martin.