Attacker stamped on victim — (The Evening Gazette)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants drinks, launches a vicious unprovoked attack on stranger, is charged, goes to prison.

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The Evening Gazette

 Oct 6 2008

by Mike Blackburn, Evening Gazette

A VICIOUS motiveless Bonfire Night attack has earned a Middlesbrough man a two-year prison sentence.

Brian Bedingfield, 31, stamped on the face of John Davidson five or six times while grabbing railings to gain leverage, a court heard.

He snarled with clenched teeth as he grabbed Mr Davidson and pushed him out of his home, said Aisha Wadoodi, prosecuting.

Then Bedingfield punched him unconscious, dragged him into the garden and delivered the kicks to his head, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Witnesses detained him at the house until the police arrived.

The two men knew each other and were each holding Bonfire Night parties at their homes on the same cul de sac.

Mr Davidson dropped by at Bedingfield’s house on his way home from Marton Road shops. He was assaulted as he got up to leave. “He couldn’t understand what the problem was. There hadn’t been any conversation,” said Miss Wadoodi.

He suffered a broken jaw and cheekbone, bruising and swelling and had plates fitted in his mouth.

Bedingfield, of Woodville Avenue, Grove Hill, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Rod Hunt, defending, suggested Bedingfield’s depression medication and a “massive” amount of alcohol affected his mind.

He said the events put a huge strain on his supportive family and his house was attacked by other people after the incident. Bedingfield stayed out of trouble since.

Judge Les Spittle said: “It seems for no apparent reason or provocation being offered to you, you decided to put this man out and on the ground you then viciously attacked him.

“The use of your feet in a deliberate stamping, some five or six times, giving yourself the added leverage by holding on to those rails, is tantamount to using a weapon on somebody.

“That sort of behaviour cannot be countenanced, and in my view it has to be an immediate custodial sentence.”