JEALOUS ATTACKER IS JAILED — (The Leicester Mercury)

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The Leicester Mercury


10:30 – 18 August 2008

A man who chatted up a girl in a nightclub suffered a broken cheekbone and eye socket after being attacked by her jealous ex-boyfriend.

The victim also received a wound needing 19 stitches, when a glass was smashed on the back of his head by former soldier, Ashley Shaw.

Shaw (19) was sentenced to three years and four months’ detention after admitting wounding with intent at Vice Versa bar, in High Street, Loughborough, on May 29.

He also admitted causing actual bodily harm to his former girlfriend during the incident, after flying glass cut her cheek.

Leicester Crown Court was told Shaw and his girlfriend had argued the previous night and she considered their two-and-a-half-year on-off relationship was over.

Shaw said he thought they were still together, and that he “saw red” when he thought the victim was about to kiss her.

Sarah-Jane Solomon, prosecuting, said the victim had been chatting to the defendant’s former girlfriend and her friend in the bar.

When the former girlfriend saw Shaw, she went over to him and told him they had broken up the night before. He called her “a cheating bitch”.

The victim came over to see if she was all right and Shaw smashed a spirit glass he was holding on the back of his head, before punching him twice in the face, causing the fractures.

The victim had surgery to have metal plates inserted and took time off work as a PE teacher.

Miss Solomon said the injuries also affected the victim’s ability to take part in athletic events.

Susannah Johnson, defending, said Shaw, of Pantain Road, Loughborough, had no previous convictions.

He had been on medication for depression and anxiety three months before the incident, but had stopped taking it.

Alcohol also played a part.

Ms Johnson said: “The structure of his Army life disappeared after his discharge. The relationship with the young woman concerned was volatile.

“There was an argument the day before and it’s fair to say he felt jealous.

“He didn’t think the relationship was over but accepts the attack was unprovoked, although he thought the complainant was about to kiss her as he was leaning towards her.

“Fortunately, the prognosis (for the victim) is said to be good and the surgery was successful in reducing the fractures.”

Passing sentence, Judge Philip Head said: “You were clearly under the influence of drink.

“She clearly considered the relationship had ended and you didn’t.

“You went out and found yourself in this nightclub – whether or not you’d gone there deliberately looking for her.

“There was an entirely innocent man having a perfectly normal conversation with her.

“When you spoke with her she said she considered it was over between you, but you wouldn’t accept that.

“In a drunken state, your jealousy exploded and you approached him from behind, hitting him with a glass, followed up by two punches.

“The injuries were particularly serious.

“The pre-sentence reports states you minimise your responsibility and seem to lack victim empathy.

“There are some worrying features in your make-up.”