Man who threw a bin at his girlfriend jailed — (Plymouth Herald)

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Plymouth Herald

Saturday, October 01, 2011

A DEVONPORT man has been jailed after throwing a bin at his girlfriend while he was on a suspended sentence for fraud charges, a court heard.

Patrick McShane, aged 27, of Granby Street, appeared at Plymouth Crown Court yesterday where he was sentenced for assault and breach of a suspended sentence.

The court heard how McShane had been in a four-month relationship which had broken down.

One August night he and his ex-partner were at a wedding reception at the Astor Hotel, after the defendant had been drinking for 24 hours, the court heard.

His ex decided to leave the wedding party but McShane followed her outside and became abusive.

She walked away, the court heard, but McShane picked up a wheelie bin and threw it at her. It didn’t hit the woman but he then pushed her to her knees and hit her in the back, the court heard.

Two witnesses described to police how they then saw the defendant pick up rubbish items from the floor and throw them at her.

She tried to walk away but he continued to shout at her.

Police arrived and he became even more agitated and was arrested.

McShane was at the time on a suspended sentence for committing fraud by false representation last year.

In July he was given a 16-week sentence suspended for two years, after he admitted committing fraud by false representation last year.

He allegedly used a cheque to fraudulently obtain goods from Trago Mills and ordered items on account from another firm. The total value of the products was £4,070.

McShane also admitted possessing an extendable baton as an offensive weapon in Granby Street on September 14, 2010, and a small amount of cocaine for his own use.

Defence for McShane said he became violent as a result of the combination of medication he was on for depression and drinking for 24 hours.

The court heard that McShane could not recall the incident with his ex-partner and had since apologised to her.

Judge Paul Darlow described the assault as “humiliating and unpleasant” and sentenced him to 28 weeks in prison.