Machete rage man jailed — (The Coventry Telegraph)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants and alcohol launches vicious attack.

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The Coventry Telegraph

Feb 28 2003

By Steve Evans

A man who attacked police officers with a machete after biting off part of a pub manager’s ear has been jailed for three years.
biting also tried to bite off the pub land-lord’s ear and even aimed a blow at a police dog.
A judge at Warwick Crown Court heard yesterday (thur) that 35-year-old Robinson had suffered an unusual reaction to a combination of anti-depressants and alcohol, making him agitated rather than sedated.
Robinson, of North Avenue, Bedworth, pleaded guilty to two charges of wounding, two of attempted wounding, one of assault and one of affray.
Jailing him, Judge James Pyke said: “These offences involved violence of an exceptionally ugly nature and degree.”
Peter Arnold, prosecuting, said that just before closing time on a Sunday evening in October, Robinson and some friends went into the White Swan pub, in Bedworth town centre, for a last drink.
They got involved in a disagreement in the doorway and when bar manager Rob McKenna went over and told them to go home, Robinson ran at him and head-butted him.
He then grabbed him in a headlock and bit off part of his left ear before spitting it on the floor, said Mr Arnold.
Landlord Paul Holden tried to intervene, but Robinson grabbed him too and bit his ear, but fortunately did not bite through it.
Robinson then left the pub warning: “I’ll be back in 10 minutes – and you’re dead.”
He returned wielding a machete and used it to attack the door. Mr Arnold said he smashed windows before poking the “formidable” weapon through the windows in a jab-bing motion.
Police arrived and Robinson threatened to kill a police dog.
When the animal was released, he chopped at its nose with the machete.
Pc John Werrett bent down to help the animal and Robinson aimed the machete at his head.
The officer put his hand up to defend himself, but the weapon sliced into his hand with such force that it also fractured his thumb.
Two other officers, Pc David Nown and Pc Matthew Duynstee, also suffered cuts in the incident.
Caroline English, defending, said Robinson had been suffering from depression when his marriage broke up. He was on medication.
She told the court: “He has no recollection of the events of that night, and was completely devastated and distraught when he was show the CCTV recording of the incident.
“He has expressed again and again his remorse for what he did, the injuries he inflicted and the terror he must have caused to those who came across him that night.” end.