Alcoholic in psychiatrist attack — (Wales Online)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants binge drinks, attacks psychiatrist.


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Wales Online

Mar 13 2008

by Kerry-Lynne Doyle, Glamorgan Gazette

A DEPRESSED alcoholic barged into a psychiatrist’s office and held him to the wall by his throat.

Thomas Lewis, aged 45, of Rushfield Gardens, Litchard, barged into Dr Pravir Prasad’s Princess of Wales Hospital office on February 25.

Bridgend Magistrates’ Court heard Lewis, who didn’t know Dr Prasad, released him only to push him against the wall again with his hands around his windpipe.

He admitted common assault by beating and Leighton Mawer, prosecuting, said Lewis went into the office after a patient left.

“This defendant burst through the door in a threatening manner towards Dr Prasad and immediately placed his hands around the complainant’s throat and held him against a wall,” he said.

“He released him and pushed him backwards against the wall holding him by the throat.

“The doctor says in his statement that both hands were around his neck with two thumbs on his windpipe, but he did not squeeze or choke him.

“The doctor eventually managed to calm the defendant and police were called.”

Mr Mawer said Lewis told police in interview he was an alcoholic and had missed an appointment with a psychiatrist at the hospital after being referred by his GP.

John McCarthy, defending, said: “He was feeling very desperate, he had fallen off the wagon. He is on anti-depressants and he had a binge the day before and when he went to the hospital he was very distressed.

“Since then he has not been drinking. He has a history of depression and in the last few months he has tried to commit suicide.”

District Judge Richard Williams adjourned sentencing for a pre-sentence report and warned Lewis he could be jailed.