Attempted murder trial: day three — (The Banbury Guardian)

SSRI Ed note: Man taking antidepressants drinks, assaults an acquaintance, is charged, may genuinely not remember his actions.

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THE defendant in an attempted murder trial has told a jury he is not responsible for trying to kill another man.
During the third day of evidence at Oxford Crown Court today (Thursday) Ian Holland took to the witness stand for the first time.

He told the court he was not responsible for the 3.15am attack on Adam Dickson on June 17 last year and did not know
who was.

“I have not assaulted Adam Dickson and I have no idea who did,” he said.

Mr Holland dismissed suggestions by the prosecution that he had assaulted Mr Dickson for wrongly believing he was dating his former partner Lisa Cebral.

He said he had known Mr Dickson for years as they had lived in the same village and taken the same school bus when they were teenagers.

He also said that when he had been dating Miss Cebral he had seen her with Mr Dickson together on several occasions, including at Miss Cebral’s former home in King’s Sutton.

“It did not bother me him (Mr Dickson] being around Lisa. They were close friends and I didn’t have a problem with their close friendship.”

Mr Dickson was found collapsed outside his parents’ Adderbury home after returning from a night out with friends – including Miss Cebral – who he had taken home and accepted a cup of tea with.

Mr Holland today stressed he was not responsible for the attack as he had been nowhere near Adderbury at the time.

After dropping his car off at a friend’s house in Bloxham the evening before the assault, he said he and two friends went drinking in Bicester, despite Mr Holland taking medication for depression.

From midnight until 12.30am, Mr Holland claimed he was dropped off at his brother David’s house in Hardwick, where he continued drinking and lent his mobile phone handset to a pal.

Mr Holland said he left between 3am and 3.30am and walked in and around Banbury, stopping to withdraw money from a cashpoint before getting a taxi from George Street back to his car in Bloxham.

He then drove back to his home in Hempton, arriving between 4.30am and 5am.

During his evidence Mr Holland spoke of his relationship with Miss Cebral – with whom he has a child – and dismissed evidence by prosecution witnesses that he had threatened her.

He said the relationship ended last April/May after about 12 years and it had been a joint decision.

“The relationship just ended; there were no arguments, we just decided it wasn’t working,” he said.

“I did not threaten her (Miss Cebra] in any way – I did not threaten anybody.

“We had our ups and downs; we would have a silly argument over something silly. We would sit down, look at each other and ask if it was worth it. We would say ‘no’ so we would have a cup of tea and that was it.”

Mr Holland was arrested two days after the assault on Mr Dickson after police officers swooped on an address in Fringford believing Mr Holland was staying there. He was found hiding in a nearby back garden.

Asked why he had ran he said: “I heard the police were looking for me for attempted murder and I was like ‘woah!’ I panicked because of my criminal record and I did not know what to do.”

Mr Holland has convictions of assault and harassment against former partners.

A mobile phone was found in the garden close to Mr Holland and although he agrees it is his handset, he said the SIM card inside belonged to a friend.

During a search of the property where Mr Holland had been visiting, Mr Holland’s clothes – which had been hidden in a wardrobe – were handed to police. A note containing Mr Holland’s fingerprints was also found in the house.

Extracts of the note read: “You went to Ginger’s at about 10pm. You were drinking and playing Colin McRae Rally. You left sometime between 3.30am and 3.45am.

“You went across the bridge to Lower Cherwell Street, straight to the garage next to Morrisons, which was shut. So you went along Gatteridge Street through Farmfoods car park to get a taxi. But you didn’t have enough money so went to a cash point.”

Mr Holland admitted handling and reading the note, but denied writing it. He said he did not know who had written the note.

Following his arrest Mr Holland was taken to Banbury Police Station where a receipt for a cash withdrawal from a bank in Banbury was found. It was timed at 3.57am on June 17.

Mr Holland refused to comment during any police interviews and said he was following his rights and the advice of his solicitor.

He is charged with attempted murder and grievous bodily harm with intent. He will return to the witness box for further evidence tomorrow (Friday).

The trial continues.