Man Becomes Paranoid on A/D's & Rips Security Cameras From Neighbor's Walls

Paragraph 8 reads:  "He said that Aldous, who suffered from depression, was on anti-depressant medication."

SSRI Stories note:  The Physicians Desk Reference lists paranoia as an Infrequent [but not Rare] side effect of antidepressants.

CCTV camera's ripped off wall by neighbour

A CARMARTHEN man ripped two CCTV cameras off a neighbour's wall because he was paranoid he was being watched.

Appearing before Carmarthen magistrates last Wednesday, Carl Derrick Lawrence Aldous, 50, of Water Street admitted damaging two CCTV cameras worth £69.95.

The camera's belonged to his neighbour Michael MacDonald on August 20.

Prosecuting, Dennis Davies said Aldous had used a stepladder to climb up to the CCTV cameras installed by Mr MacDonald.

Aldous tore the two cameras off the wall, throwing the first to the floor and smashing the second against the wall.

During police interview Aldous admitted damaging the cameras, saying they were invading his privacy.

Defending, Mike Reed said Aldous had expressed regret for his actions and had offered to pay for the damage.

He said that Aldous, who suffered from depression, was on anti-depressant medication.

"On that particular night he had a bit to drink ­ he wasn't drunk ­ but felt paranoia."

He said that Aldous thought the cameras were directed in to his flat and because of his depression, he felt paranoid that he was being watched.

Magistrates placed Aldous on a community order including 60 hours unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay costs of £78 and compensation of £69.95.