Petty row over late supper led to wife’s broken arm — (This is Devon)

SSRI Ed note: Man on newly prescribed antidepressant drinks, viciously attacks wife of 38 yrs, causing her arm to break, is charged with assault, has to move out.

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This is Devon

Friday, January 16, 2009, 09:18

A VIOLENT husband broke his wife’s arm after a petty row about his supper being late on the table, a court heard.

There had been a number of small arguments between the couple about the dishwasher and watering house plants prior to the night of the violence.

On that night 62-year-old Phillip Yeoman, from Teignmouth, had been drinking after taking new medication for depression.

Arguments started about the minor problems, culminating in the row about dinner being served late.

Jean Yeomans then accidentally dropped and smashed a plate and that triggered the violence which followed.

Yeomans attacked his wife in the bedroom, the lounge and the bathroom and it was there that she fell against some steps and broke her arm.

She was screaming and shouting but eventually managed to escape from the house and alerted neighbours who called the police.

When they arrived, Yeomans refused to give himself up and an armed response unit was summoned because he had a large kitchen knife on him.

Officers tried but failed to Tazer Yeomans but when he realised they had the stun gun, he gave himself up.

Since the incident in August last year, Mr Yeomans has left the family home and is living in Cornwall.

At Exeter Crown Court, Yeomans pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife of 38 years, causing her actual bodily harm.

He also admitted a charge of affray relating to his attitude towards the police officers.

Sentence on Yeomans, formerly of The Mount, Teignmouth, was adjourned for pre-sentence and medical reports.

Granting him bail, Judge Graham Cottle warned Yeomans the fact that he was releasing him until the date of sentence was no indication that he would not go to prison.