Heavener Man Charged with Domestic Abuse — (Times-Record)

SSRI Ed note: Man in antidepressant withdrawal becomes destructive and abusive.

Original article no longer available


Posted: Tuesday, September 16, 2003


POTEAU A Heavener man with a history of domestic abuse was charged Monday with beating his wife.
Jason E. Ballard, 25, is charged with domestic abuse after police said he struck Valerie Dobbs in the face several times on Aug. 9. Dobbs received a black eye, swollen lips and a ruptured eardrum, court records state.
Heavener police went to a home on Independence Road and arrested Ballard after he confessed to beating Dobbs, court records state. He is free from the county jail after posting $1,500 bail bond.
In February, Ballard was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault and battery after beating Dobbs, court records state.
Dobbs told police that Ballard had not taken his depression medication on Nov. 16 when he began to break things in the house and beat Dobbs’ car with a metal bar, court records state.
Witnesses told police they saw Ballard hit, choke and push Dobbs, according to court records.
Ballard pleaded guilty and received one year of probation.
Also in February, Dobbs requested a protective order be issued against Ballard. She claimed Ballard spit at her, pulled her hair, kicked her and hit her in the head, court records state.
The request was dismissed when Dobbs did not show up for the protective order hearing.