Man Charged With Murder Of Unborn Child — (ABC News 13)

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ABC News 13

Kimberly King

Updated: Thursday, January  9 2014, 11:30 PM EST

Just 24 hours after News 13 broke details on the case, 53-year-old Donald Willis of Spruce Pine is charged with DWI and the murder of an unborn child. It’s the first prosecution of its kind in North Carolina.

In addition, Willis is facing a felony charge for causing serious injury to the baby’s mother, 18 year-old Emily Wilson, who was 8-months-pregnant.

The collision between Willis and the victims happened last Thursday when Willis reportedly crossed the center line on Seagle road in Marion.

News 13 has obtained the investigation report from Willis’ arrest last Thursday. The report details how investigators conducted two roadside alcohol tests on Willis. He tested positive for alcohol both times. The officer wrote on the report he “could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on Willis’ breath.” The report goes on to say, “There were 4 unopened Bud Light, 24-ounce beers in Willis’ passenger floor board.”

According to the report ,Willis waived his rights. He admitted that “he had drank a lot of alcohol the prior night.” When asked if he should be operating a car, Willis said to the officer “No one that has been drinking should (drive).”

Willis stated he had taken his blood pressure medication and Celexa earlier in the morning. As to the DWI charges, he said he was just going to plead guilty for what he had done.

Emily and her relatives remain grieving for the child she has lost. A family member told News 13 they hope Willis will be prosecuted to the fullest extent for the crimes he’s now charged with.

The District Attorney says Willis could face up to 15 years in prison.